Monday, June 4, 2012

Covering Up

     Every season on a singing competition reality show, someone performs a recent hit. The judges or coaches always say something similar: that it was just too big of a hit recently to be redone so fast. Apparently David Nail, who recently released a video of the Adele staple "Someone Like You," never heard them say that. And thank goodness he didn't.
     He proves with this performance that sometimes even the tiniest inflection can make or break a song. Even though "Someone Like You" is already an international hit, Nail's small twists make it an entirely new interpretation, rather than just one of the thousands of covers out there. He hits the higher notes fearlessly, without losing any of the passion of the lyrics. The video is simple and elegant, adding to the intensity of the feeling. Shot in black and white, candlelight casts shadows on his face and the keys of the piano, the only instrument used.
     With a string of country Adele covers coming out lately, Nail's manages to stay true to the original interpretation while still putting his own spin on it. An out of the ordinary song choice, "Someone Like You" showcases his range, both vocally and stylistically. As we wait for more new music from David Nail, we definitely now know that there is no limit to what this performer can do.

Cruisin' into Summer

     It's that time of year again. Time for all of the singles to come out claiming to be the "Song of the Summer." In the endless parade that is the summer anthem song list, "Cruise" by duo Florida George Line is one of those summer songs that should do very well, and already is.
     Combining country with a rock edge, FGL's vocals give the expressive lyrics of this song a unique sound that brings a breath of fresh air just in time for summer. The harmonies keep the melody from getting repetitive, giving it an added punch when the chorus comes around, without overcomplicating the tune. This will easily become a concert staple, with the singers holding their mics out to the crowd, who will be singing along with arms waving back and forth in the air.
     "Cruise" paints the picture of summer love, the desire to just drive down some back roads, and being care free. All the things that we all want from our summer. But more than just the well written narrative, this song is catchy and completely relatable. Because let's face it: who doesn't love to roll the windows down and cruise?