Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looking For Some Help

Hey everyone!

So this is a bit of a different kind of post for me. I do have another post scheduled for Thursday that I'm really excited about. So stay tuned for that!

But anyway, I need some help. You may or may not know this, but I am an English Writing major. As this is my final semester, I'm getting started on my Senior Writing piece. This is an essay of at least 40 pages of creative nonfiction, on pretty much anything that I want. I'll be working on this for the entire semester and this piece will make up basically all of my grade for the class.

So here's where you all come in. I am looking for people who love their job, people who have managed to turn something they love into their career, anyone who keeps doing what they're passionate about. If that sounds like you, I want to talk to you! Or if that sounds like someone you know, I want to talk to them too! I'm looking to conduct some short interviews, which can be done via email, phone call, Skype, Twitter, letter writing, carrier pigeon... Whatever sounds best to you.

So if you want to help me out, and I really hope you do, please comment below, email me (ottermc91@gmail.com), or send me a message on Twitter (@OtterMC). I'm really looking forward to hearing from all of you! Thanks!

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