Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Leave What's Safe, Take the New Sound

Taylor Swift is repetitive. On all three of her very popular albums, she basically sang the same couple songs over and over, with meanings, melodies, and even the tone of her voice, telling the same story with a slightly different presentation. While millions of fans remain on the bandwagon for her relatability, others continually jump off in search of something more meaningful and new. Well, rejoice past Swift fans, for the single that will bring you back into a loving embrace with the blonde beauty has arrived.

"Safe and Sound" leads off the soundtrack from The Hunger Games, the highly anticipated movie, based on the book by Suzanne Collins. Singer-songwriter duo, The Civil Wars, lend their words and vocals to the song, as well as their very unique folk sound. The track starts out with an almost eerie guitar plucking; Swift comes in with her vocals, recalling tears running down someone's face. Rather than her normal belting, she softens her voice, adding to the beauty of this song. Themes of struggle give a dark vibe, but the overlying theme definitely develops into one of the promise of protection. The latter makes the single relatable, without taking things too far.

Swift definitely takes the lead vocal position, but The Civil Wars add haunting harmonies that their fans have come to expect. The combination of their harmonies with Swift's vocals gives "Safe" a sound that has never been heard from Swift before. We can only hope that she continues her musical evolution, leading to more singles like this. Otherwise, we will once again find ourselves dancing to the same song for hours, banging our heads against the wall hoping that the DJ puts on something new.

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