Saturday, February 11, 2012

One Dream, One Connection

As you're driving down the road, a song comes on the radio. That one song that, when you hear it, memories wash over you as quickly as water rushing through a river after a heavy rain. You can't help but smile as you're transported to another time, another place. The title track from David Nail's sophomore album, The Sound of A Million Dreams, explores the artist's point of view in creating those songs.

"Dreams," written by Scooter Carusoe and Phil Vassar, definitely draws on Vassar's piano skills. Throughout the entire song, the piano remains the solo instrument. The piano evens makes it's way into the lyrics, when Nail sings, "out of these piano keys, comes the sound of a million dreams." That same lyric opens up an immense ideal: that one song could connect a million dreams, a million people, a million souls.
You won't find a country twang in Nail's voice, but that in itself, sets him apart from other male country singers today. His voice brings soul to each song that he sings, "Dreams" included. He has a unique sound that really could give him a lot of cross-genre appeal.
David Nail has finally been starting to get the traction in the music world that he has deserved for a while now, with his first #1 "Let It Rain" (featuring Sarah Buxton) and his Grammy Nomination for "Turning Home." "The Sound of A Million Dreams" should get the same high praises. David's fans can only hope that other listeners connect their own dreams and memories to the song that could connect us all.

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